How to Build a Photography Website

Photography website

Photography websites are a wonderful source of inspiration and invaluable self-promotional tools.

With the right website, stock photographers can sell their photos, wedding photographers can display their best work in online portfolios and hobbyists can share their favourite images with the world.

But what if you have no idea how to build a website? Whether you’re a pro with thousands of pounds to spend, or you have a budget of exactly zero, there’s a solution for you.

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The One Skill You Need to Succeed at Street & Travel Photography

Street photography, Shanghai, China

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In street photography a lot of things are outside your control. When the street is your studio, you have very little say over what is happening in front of your camera. Regardless, the principles of good photography still apply. Strong photos require an interesting subject, beautiful lighting and strong composition.

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The Power of the Black & White Landscape

San Antonio de Lipez, Bolivia

There are two landscape photographers whose work I admire a lot – Bruce Percy and Ian Plant. Go and have a look at their work. They are skilled professionals who travel widely to photograph some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

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My Favourite Photography Articles from 2015

Painting with light

After selecting my favourite photos from 2015, now it’s time to show you my favourite articles. In no particular order, these are the ones I’m most proud of (and hopefully most helpful to you).

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My Ten Favourite Photos from 2015

Favourite photo from 2015

At the end of every year I take a look back and pick my ten favourites. I recommend that you do the same. It’s an interesting exercise, and one that gains value over the years as you compare each set of favourites. It helps you see where you are right now, and trace the path back through previous years so you can see how you got there. It may also suggest projects and themes you can explore in the future.

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How to use DxO Optics Pro with Lightroom

DxO Optics Pro interface

One of the benefits of using Lightroom is that (provided your lens has been profiled by Adobe) you can use it to correct some common optical aberrations.

Photographer Interview: Spencer Clubb

New Zealand landscape photo by Spencer Clubb

Spencer Clubb is a New Zealand based photographer. Originally from the UK, he lives in Wellington and travels around New Zealand to photograph its mountains, landscapes and wildlife.

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The Extraordinary Tale of the Lightroom Update that Went Wrong – and What it Means for You

   New Lightroom Import window

For those of you that have missed the saga, this is what happened.

On October 5th Adobe released a dot upgrade for Lightroom 6 (6.2) and Lightroom CC (2015.2) that completely (and with very little warning) changed the way the import process works. The big change was a new Import window with a different design and layout to the old one. Adobe also removed some of the import options, leaving a supposedly simplified interface to work with.

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Going wide in Galicia

Wide-angle lens photography in Galicia

Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon 14mm f2.8 lens, 1/125 @  f9, ISO 400

There’s a seaside town in north-west Galicia called Muxia. The town has a church (Virxe da Barca) built on a rocky outpost facing the sea. On the rocks below it is a stone (Pedra d’Abalar) which people crawl under for luck. Muxia is on the final leg of the Camino de Santiago from the city of Santiago to Finisterre (or Fisterra in Galician, the local dialect). Pilgrims and tourists pass through, visiting the church, taking selfies, crawling under the lucky rock –and getting in the way of photographers like me who would just like to take a photo without anybody in it.

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How to Take Photos in Fog (and process them in Lightroom)

Processing fog photos in Lightroom

After leaving China we flew on to the UK to visit family. Now we are spending a few weeks in Galicia in north-west Spain. It’s a fascinating region, green and mountainous, mostly rural. There’s a mixture of gloriously beautiful unspoilt beaches and dramatic rocky coastline. Inland there are country villages, ancient monasteries and lots of old stone churches.

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