Five Ways to Use Lightroom Mobile

Using Lightroom mobile

When I’m in China next month I will spend two weeks visiting the cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Hangzhou. I won’t have my laptop with me but I will have an iPad, which I intend to use for backing up photos, viewing images and deciding which ones to process. How that will work in practice remains to be seen – I will let you know after I have tried it!

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What I’m Taking to China

Shanghai at night, China

Below is the list of photographic gear I’m taking on my one month trip to China. I’ve switched from Canon EOS to Fujifilm cameras with this journey in mind. My aim was replace the larger, heavier Canon dSLRs with a lighter mirrorless system that is easier to travel with.

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Managing and Backing Up Photos on the Road

Hong Kong

In a few weeks time I fly to China, where I will spend a little over a month travelling and seeing the country. My wife and I will stay in Shanghai initially, then visit the cities of Xi’an, Beijing and Hangzhou. I will talk more about the gear I’m going to take with me in another article, but for the moment I’d like to spend some time discussing an issue I’ve been thinking about for a while – safeguarding and backing up photos while on the road.

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The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle

Ultimate Digital Photography bundle

The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle is released today.

A few years ago I read my first photography ebook and I was hooked. Shorter than most print books, ebooks are a fantastic way to learn about photography, especially those written by master photographers with a knack for teaching. You may have guessed it – that first ebook was written by David duChemin, and inspired me to write one myself.

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The New Dehaze Slider in Lightroom CC (plus a workaround for Lightroom 6 users)

Before: Dehaze 0, After: Dehaze +45

Adobe have just released an update to Lightroom CC. The update is relatively minor (you can read a full list of additions and bug fixes here), but includes a new feature that will be very useful for some – a Dehaze slider.

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The Big Deal

Big Deal photography

$4300 of photography tools for just $99

Does the chance to buy over $4000 of photography education products for just $99 sound tempting? Of course it does (that’s a saving of over 97%), and it’s all part of the Big Deal. The bundle includes some fantastic photography ebooks, video courses, Lightroom Develop Presets and website subscriptions.

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Why I Switched from Canon to Fujifilm

Switching to Fujifilm

Regular readers will know that I’ve been using Fujifilm cameras since late last year. But what I haven’t mentioned yet is that a few months ago I sold all my Canon EOS cameras and lenses and made a permanent switch to Fujifilm.

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HDR Merge in Lightroom: First Thoughts

HDR merge in Lightroom

One of the headline features in Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC is HDR merge.

In older versions of Lightroom the only way to merge two or more images together to create a high dynamic range (HDR) photo is to export the task to Photoshop or a plug-in.

In Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC you can do it from right within Lightroom. But are there any advantages to this method? After a little experimentation I believe there are.

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Learning to See in Black and White

Learning to see in black & white

Of all the compositional skills that photographers need to develop, the ability to see in black and white is one of the most important, even if you only work in colour.

Why is this? The reason is that colour is so powerful that it often becomes the dominant element. It becomes hard to see past it to the underlying elements that make a successful photo, such as tonal contrast, shape, line and texture.

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Debunking the Rule of Thirds

Debunking the rule of thirds

In my ebook Mastering Composition I was careful not to criticise the rule of thirds too much as I’ve received criticism for that in the past. It’s a surprisingly emotional issue and I don’t understand why some people (hopefully a minority) get so worked up about it.

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