Lenses I Have Owned

Lenses I have owned

After the publication of Mastering Lenses last week I thought it useful to give you list of the lenses that I have owned since I bought my first digital SLR in 2006.

Like all photographers, I’ve made buying decisions that I later came to regret (or at least realised that I could have approached differently).

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New ebook: Mastering Lenses

Mastering Lenses photography ebook by Andrew S. Gibson

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My latest ebook is released today.

Mastering Lenses: A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Beautiful Photos With Any Lens is written for everybody who wants to learn how to use their lenses to create better photos.

Buying a new lens can be one of the most difficult choices you make as a photographer. How do you know which lenses are a good buy if you can’t try them out beforehand? Why do some lenses cost so much and others so little? Should you buy a zoom lens or a prime? Is that superzoom a good a deal as it seems?

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How to Post Photos to Instagram from Lightroom

Instagram and Lightroom mobile

Instagram has become a popular photo sharing and social media website with photographers (not to mention food bloggers), but it is not as easy to post photos directly from Lightroom to Instagram as it is to Facebook, Flickr or 500px.

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How to Compose Black and White Landscapes

Black & white landscape photo

Last week I wrote about the black and white landscape. Today I’d like to follow up with some practical advice on seeing in black and white. This is probably the biggest challenge when working in monochrome – understanding how a scene that we perceive in colour will turn out in black and white.

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The Power of the Black & White Landscape

San Antonio de Lipez, Bolivia

There are two landscape photographers whose work I admire a lot – Bruce Percy and Ian Plant. Go and have a look at their work. They are skilled professionals who travel widely to photograph some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

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My Favourite Photography Articles from 2015

Painting with light

After selecting my favourite photos from 2015, now it’s time to show you my favourite articles. In no particular order, these are the ones I’m most proud of (and hopefully most helpful to you).

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Colour or black and white?

Colour vs black and white

After I published my ten favourite photos from 2015 several readers commented on the choice of black and white. It’s an interesting topic of discussion as anybody who uses a digital camera can easily create two or more versions of the same photo. This is a big change from the days of film photography because you no longer have to commit to the medium when you create the initial photo.

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My Ten Favourite Photos from 2015

Favourite photo from 2015

At the end of every year I take a look back and pick my ten favourites. I recommend that you do the same. It’s an interesting exercise, and one that gains value over the years as you compare each set of favourites. It helps you see where you are right now, and trace the path back through previous years so you can see how you got there. It may also suggest projects and themes you can explore in the future.

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How to use DxO Optics Pro with Lightroom

DxO Optics Pro interface

One of the benefits of using Lightroom is that (provided your lens has been profiled by Adobe) you can use it to correct some common optical aberrations.

Photographer Interview: Spencer Clubb

New Zealand landscape photo by Spencer Clubb

Spencer Clubb is a New Zealand based photographer. Originally from the UK, he lives in Wellington and travels around New Zealand to photograph its mountains, landscapes and wildlife.

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