Chasing Reflections

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Chasing Reflections eBook cover
Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdstein is the latest release from Craft & Vision and the newest eBook in the Print and the Process series. Reflections are something I’ve never photographed much and reading this eBook has opened my mind up to a new approach to photography.

The cover photo (see above) shows how including a reflection can add an extra layer of interest to the composition. This is a photo of a man hosing down an ice rink, and if that’s all that was in the photo, it would probably still be a good one. But add the reflection, and the contrast between the golden light in the reflection and the blue ice, and suddenly you have depth and a photo with impact.

Eli explains in her eBook how she goes about taking photos of reflections and gives some pointers regarding the best light and time of day to shoot. It’s illustrated throughout with her beautiful photos.

I recommend that if you’ve never taken photos of reflections that you go out and do so (I know I will). Of course, buying Chasing Reflections first will inspire you, so why not take advantage of the special offer? For the first four days only, enter the promotional code REFLECT4 when you checkout to get the eBook for only $4, or use the code REFLECT20 to get 20% off when you buy five or more eBooks from Craft & Vision. These codes expire at 11.59pm PST August 1, 2010.

If it’s your first time visiting the Craft & Vision website, or you haven’t bought any eBooks yet, there’s also a button that gives you a 20% discount when you buy all the eBooks on the site. That button will always be there.

Chasing Reflections

Chasing Reflections photography eBook

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« Photos with a Compact Camera – Roatan, Honduras |  An Interview with Fine Art Photographer Brigitte Carnochan »

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