50 Beautiful Black and White Photos

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The Magic of Black and White is a Flickr group for anyone that likes black and white photography. I created it when my first eBook was launched on Craft & Vision. It has grown to over 220 members who have posted more than 2300 photos. I am very impressed by the photos in the group pool – so I thought that I would present fifty of my favourite images from the group here on my blog.

They cover the range of subjects suitable for black and white, including portraits, landscapes, documentary photography and the nude. Black and white photography is a beautiful medium for creative expression, and there is plenty of inspiration here. It will be well worth your while to explore the flickrstreams and websites of these photographers.

50 Beautiful Black & White Photos

If you fav please leave a comment, and no glittery things..

Tom Hoops (FlickrWebsite)

Henry at AB Hall. Skagway, Alaska. 2010

Clif Wright (FlickrWebsite)

a downward trend

Tom Gore (FlickrWebsite)

Learning to fly with God

Yves Lecoq (Flickr)

L'afrique nous regarde

Hippolyte (FlickrWebsite)

Old boat

Mikhail Palinchak (Flickr)

linda #9_8_25_10sg

Allan Barnes (FlickrWebsite)

book is a friend

Byfer (Flickr)

Wollaston Beach, Quincy MA

Dana Smith (Flickr)


Klaus Kraiger (FlickrWebsite)

00.00 Teint de Neige

Valentina Vallone (Flickr)

Dave Tuttle (Flickr)

instant éternel

Simona Bonanno (FlickrWebsite)

c'est... à la fin d'été #5

Moonchild1111 (FlickrWebsite)

Ghost Bridge

Aurelien Vivier (Flickr)

Running into your arms... Day 54/365

Olivia Bell (FlickrWebsite)

Encore empêtrée dans mes histoires de clowns... sans étoiles...

Rimel Neffati (FlickrWebsite)

Culnaskiack VIII

Colin Campbell (Flickr)


Colorsandia (FlickrWebsite)

quiet afternoon

Quadratiges (FlickrWebsite)


Martina Woll (FlickrWebsite)


Gigja Einarsdottir (Flickr)

Sleep, Dream (Flickr)

Long sunset at Indian Beach

Moises Levy (FlickrWebsite)

Foxi Manna 3

Patrick Bruno (FlickrWebsite)

Tippi for www.tipit.de

Nada Stankova (FlickrWebsite)

The song of the rocks

Yvette Depaepe (Flickr)

enjoy the pain....30%off only for today

Solarixx (FlickrWebsite)


Felidae (FlickrWebsite)


Stephan (Flickr)

under the veil

Tommy Oshima (Flickr)

Series:  Ella edgy

Asian Impressions (Flickr)

black celebration

Katherine White (Flickr)

portrait #54

Falkstockholm (Flickr)

New Flat 1

The Dirty Story (FlickrWebsite)


Frederick Desmots (Flickr)


Maria Stromvik (FlickrWebsite)

Ekaterina Grigorieva (FlickrWebsite)

Eliza Beth (Flickr)

shadows are on your side

Solea (FlickrWebsite)

the bare  truth

Yuichiro Miyano (Flickr)

Isa Marcelli (FlickrWebsite)

Vulture feathers 2

Marc (FlickrWebsite)

A Traditional Chinese Kitchen Corner

William Yu (FlickrWebsite)


Vernon Trent (FlickrWebsite)

katrin @ wow workshops

Besim Mazhiqi (Flickr)

Self -- Explored

Kimberley Halverson (FlickrWebsite)

You want your story to remain untold

Kouryo (Flickr)

Estoril, Portugal - Washing Choreography

Gerard Verdon (FlickrWebsite)

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4 Responses to “50 Beautiful Black and White Photos”

  1. solarixx says:

    thanks for including my pic.
    amazing selection.
    many of my favourites here too.

  2. Radek Kozak says:

    Really beautiful selection. Enjoyed each and every photograph!

  3. martina says:

    thanks for the feature 🙂

  4. Carmen says:

    thank you for including my work
    totally love this!!

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