EOS magazine January-March 2011

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EOS magazine Building blocks article

The latest issue of EOS magazine has just come out. We’ve got some great content too, with what must be a record thirteen technique articles covering diverse subjects like painting with light, white balance and bit depth. If you’re thinking that’s a lot, you’re right – we don’t have much advertising in the magazine which means we can dedicate most of the space to editorial content.

If you haven’t heard of EOS magazine, you’re not the only one – we’re a subscription only magazine and you won’t see it in your local magazine or bookstore. There’s two ways to subscribe, you can choose between the print edition and a digital edition that you can access from your computer via a broadband connection. All the details are here.

EOS magazine January-March 2011 cover


These are the articles published in the latest edition:

Colour control Exploring your camera’s white balance settings. Everything you need to know about setting white balance on your EOS camera, including setting Kelvin, white balance correction and white balance auto bracketing.

Inside EOS What goes on inside your EOS camera? You’ll be amazed by the technology inside your Canon SLR.

Seeing red Canon’s new intelligent focus, colour and luminance (iFCL) metering. What is it and what does it do?

Home portraits Turning a small space into a studio. How to make the most of a studio set up using Speedlites or studio flash in a limited area.

Triple action What do you use autoexposure bracketing for? How about exposure blending and HDR photography? We show you how.

Speed change Unlock the potential of Auto ISO.

Painted light Lighting landscapes at night. Featuring the work of John O’Neill (plus a couple of my landscapes from New Zealand).

Colour depth Bit depth and file formats explored. What difference does shooting in raw really make?

Eyes right Sharpen your view with the dioptric correction wheel.

How was it shot? Exploring the technique behing the image.

Printer profiles Ensure your prints show the correct colours. Vince Cater from Fotospeed explains colour management for inkjet printers.

Building blocks Demystifying pixels per inch.

File manager Using your EOS camera and software to organise photos.

EOS magazine Inside EOS articleEOS magazine Colour control articleEOS magazine 60 Quotes news item

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« Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett |  An Interview with Photographer and Craft & Vision Author Stuart Sipahigil »

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