Exposure and Understanding the Histogram

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Exposure and Understanding the Histogram by Andrew S Gibson

Exposure and Understanding the Histogram is a new ebook that I’ve written for Peachpit. As you can no doubt tell from the title, it looks into the somewhat tricky topics of exposure and the histogram. The ebook is aimed at photographers who would like a deeper understanding about how their camera’s sensor reacts to light, and an explanation of how to use the histograms generated by the camera to judge the exposure accuracy.

The ebook explores the following topics:

  • The difference between luminance, RGB and colour histograms.
  • The relationship between exposure and image quality.
  • The differences between using JPEG and Raw formats when it comes to exposure.
  • Digital vs film – how exposure has changed.
  • The exposure triangle.
  • The three exposure scenarios.
  • Exposing to the right.
  • Using the automatic and manual exposure modes on your camera.

It’s quite comprehensive and packs a lot of useful information into a small package.

If you’re used to the Craft & Vision ebooks this one is a little different as Peachpit uses the EPUB format. Therefore to read it you need a device, or software on your computer, that can read an EPUB document. You can find out more and grab yourself a copy here.

Speaking of Craft & Vision, stand by for a big announcement next week. There’s a new ebook coming out, a little different from the others that I’ve written. More news on that soon.

Peachpit also featured one of my photos in their newsletter. You can check out the short interview here.

If you’ve ever been tempted to submit your photos to photography magazines, I wrote a short article on the subject for Digital Photography School. The work I do for EOS magazine means that sometimes I have to find photos to illustrate an article that I’m writing. Before I worked for the magazine I also submitted articles to a few UK photography magazines, so I’ve experienced it from both sides. And if you’ve got some cool photos taken with an EOS camera and you’d like to submit them to EOS magazine, the article explains how. You can read it here.

Finally, Photo Tuts+ have published two more articles. They are titled Creating Awesome Multimedia Presentations with Soundslides and How to Paint with Light in a Landscape. You can click on the links to read them.

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