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Square by Andrew S Gibson


This year I’ve found myself using the square format more and more. I enjoy the challenge of composing within the square frame and ‘seeing’ images that would work well in the square format. Like the majority of photographers with digital cameras I don’t have a square format camera, so the process of working within the square format involves visualisation at the time I take the photo and cropping in post-processing.

But that’s the beauty of digital photography – back when everybody used film just about your only realistic option, if you wanted to experiement with the square format, was to buy a 6x6cm square format camera. Now things have changed and anybody with a digital camera can play around with square images.

Square: The Digital Photographer’s Guide to the Square Format is the first full-length ebook that I’ve released on my website and the natural follow-up to Beyond Thirds. In Square, I delve deep into the mysteries of the square format, from the perspective of photographers that use digital cameras.

The square format isn’t simply a matter of cropping – there’s a lot more to it than that. The square format demands a new approach to composition. The rule-of-thirds (which readers of Beyond Thirds will know I’m not too fond of in the first place anyway) no longer applies. Instead the composition relies on aspects like shape, simplicity and balance.

Square photos

Square shows you how to use the square format on your camera, and how to make the most out of what I think of as the fine art photographer’s format. It’s illustrated throughout by my photos, and I’ve also interviewed the two film photographers, Matt Toynbee and Flavia Schaller, to explore their perspective on the square format. The price of the ebook is £6. With 52 spreads (including the cover), and over 12,000 words, that’s great value.


Square ebook by Andrew S Gibson


Title: Square: The Digital Photographer’s Guide to the Square Format

Length: 52 double page spreads

Words: approx 12,500

Price: £6

Note: Payment is handled by PayPal, but it’s easy to pay by credit or debit card if you don’t already have a PayPal account. Just click on the Create a PayPal account link in the shopping cart to create a new account and pay with your card.

Format: PDF. You can view Square using free Adobe reader software on any PC. You can also read Square on the iPad using iBooks – the ebook has been optimised for iPad viewing.


  • The history of the square format
  • Going square
  • Square subjects
  • The 35mm problem
  • Cropping square
  • Design & balance
  • Shape
  • The four S’s
  • Black & white
  • Case study: Matt Toynbee
  • Vertoramas
  • A creative edge
  • Framing
  • Creative layout
  • Diptyches & triptyches
  • Instagram
  • Holga lenses
  • Case study: Flavia Schaller
  • Appendix A: Cropping
  • Appendix B: Vertorama tutorial
  • Appendix C: Adding a black border


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