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Photo by Miss Aniela

When I interview photographers I hardly ever ask about gear. I’m interested in the images, and the ideas behind them; not the camera used. However, if you own an EOS camera, it’s interesting, sometimes even inspirational, to see what other photographers are doing with Canon cameras. It’s also a chance to revisit some of my favourite interviews, which tend to get lost in the backlist of the blog.


All these photographers use Canon EOS cameras:

Miss Aniela Fine art photographer and writer.

Patrick Wack Went to Shanghai with an EOS 10D and became a commercial photographer.

Martin Bailey Another Craft & Vision author. His podcast is well worth checking out.

Photo by Red Ognita

Red Ognita Beijing based fine art photographer.

Terri Gold Fine art photographer who uses an EOS 5D converted to infra-red.

Nicole S Young Craft & Vision author, wrote an ebook about micro-stock.

Nina Marie Documentary photographer – still a student when I interviewed her.

Olivia Bell Photographer, author and entrepreneur, built an online photography business with her sisters.

Eli Reinholdsten Wrote Chasing Reflections for Craft & Vision.

Andy Brown Fine art photographer, uses the square format a lot.

Ling Li Uses an EOS 5D Mark II as well as various film cameras.

Photo by Brigitte Carnochan

Brigitte Carnochan Fine art photographer. Uses an EOS 5D converted to infrared.

Mitchell Kanashkevich Travel photographer with an amazing portfolio.

David duChemin Author, photographer, Craft & Vision publisher. Canon user when interview published.

Mark Sunderland Landscape and stock photographer.

Carmen Gonzalez Fine art photographer.

Gavin Gough Travel photographer and teacher.

40 photos

Photo by Mariell Amelie

There’s some more inspiration at my blog post 40 Beautiful Photos Taken with EOS Cameras. A collection of some of my favourite photos, and photographers, using EOS cameras on Flickr.

EOS magazine

EOS magazine April-June 2012 issue cover

For more inspiration and technique take a look at EOS magazine. The latest April-June 2012 has just been published and as usual it’s full of beautiful photos and brilliant technique articles for EOS camera owners. EOS magazine is a subscription only magazine and you won’t find it in your local magazine or bookstore. There are digital subscription options as well as the print magazine  – click on the above link for details.


EOS magazine

News All the latest news from the world of EOS photography, including a short article by Carl Pendle about a recent photography trip to Italy.

New product All the latest product releases from Canon, including the EOD 5D Mark III, EOS 60Da, Speedlite 600EX-RT and new lenses and accessories.

Break the rules Be controversial and shoot better pictures.

Menu choices Find your way around the EOS menu system.

Wildlife masterclass Peter Cairns reveals the photo potential of British wildlife.

Custom colour When and how to use custom white balance

Fast glass Exploring the EF 85mm f1.2L USM lens

Flash lock Helping your camera calculate perfect flash exposure

Eye-Fi cards Inexpensive and easy wireless file transfer

EOS excellence Winning images from our fantastic photo competition

Forum A review of EOS magazine forum activity



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