Video Tutorial: Black & White in Lightroom

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Convert colour photo to black & white in Lightroom

Today I’m trying something new, a video tutorial showing you how I converted a photo from colour to black and white in Lightroom. It’s my first tutorial, but I plan to do more and I’m sure I’ll get better at them as I go along. In the meantime, enjoy the tutorial, and please let me know what you think.








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6 Responses to “Video Tutorial: Black & White in Lightroom”

  1. Thanks Andrew, I thoroughly enjoyed that tutorial and have subscribed to your YouTube channel where I hope there will be more like this soon.

    Your eBooks and advice I’ve received from you have been invaluable.

  2. Nick says:

    Hello Andrew!

    I really enjoyed that video guide. Keep up great work man! One question: can you please describe your current photography gear and does that mean you doesn’t use your dslr camera anymore?

    • Hi Nick. I have both Canon and Fujifilm gear at the moment. I mostly use the Fujifilm cameras though as they are much lighter and easy to carry around.

  3. Valerie G says:

    Thanks, Andrew. You’ve inspired me to do more playing around with black and white conversion. I especially liked the tip about watching out for the halos if you push the sliders too far on B&W mix.

« Five New Canon EOS Cameras |  How to Choose Your Next EOS Camera (early 2015) »

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