Playing Cards at the Temple of Heaven

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Playing cards at Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

Fujifilm XT-1, 35mm lens, 1/250 @ f8, ISO 800


The Temple of Heaven is one of Beijing’s major tourist attractions. And so it should be – it’s a beautiful structure. Like many places in Beijing the site is huge and includes a park with numerous buildings. One of these is a long, covered walkway with benches along the side.

The day I walked through the park the benches were full with elderly people playing games of cards and chess. Passersby looked on. Some people took photos with their smart phones.

I walked up to one of the games, made eye contact with the woman opposite me (one of the players), smiled and pointed at my camera. She smiled back and nodded, and I took a few photos of the game. Then I left, so as to not take advantage of her generosity.


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« Jingshan Park, Beijing |  Wedding Photography in China »

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