The Muslim Quarter, Xi’an

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Street food, Muslim Quarter, Xi'an, China

Fujifilm XT-1, 56mm lens, 1/250 @f1.2, ISO 320

The city of Xi’an is one of the oldest in China. At one time it was the country’s capital and is positioned at the end of the Silk Road. Referred to as a gateway to the west (even though it’s located in the eastern half of this enormous country) it is a city where the Islamic cultures and peoples found in north-west China merge with the predominant Han Chinese population.

The Muslim Quarter consists of the Great Mosque (founded in 742) and a network of surrounding roads. Some of those streets are closed to cars. Most are lined with shops and food stalls. It’s a great place for some candid photography as most of the workers are too absorbed in what they are doing to pay attention to photographers. It is very busy – over 6 million people live in Xi’an and the city centre is relatively small so that means big crowds.

I photographed this lady as she prepared some street food.

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« Wedding Photography in China |  How I Backed Up my Photos in China »

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