Exposure and Understanding the Histogram

Exposure and Understanding the Histogram ebook

Peachpit have released the second edition of Exposure and Understanding the Histogram. The ebook has been expanded, updated and is available in PDF format as well as ePub and mobi (for Kindle). It is my first title for Peachpit’s FuelBooks series.

Exposure and Understanding the Histogram is written for anybody who wants to understand how exposure works on their digital camera. You’ll learn what the different exposure modes on your camera do, which ones to use and which you can ignore. It shows you how to read the histogram and explains how to cope with a wide variety of lighting situations. By the time you’ve read it you’ll understand how to take a correctly exposed photo using the tools provided by your camera.

The aim of Exposure and Understanding the Histogram is to show you how to expose your photos correctly every time. It covers all camera brands and is written with the creative photographer in mind. It keeps things simple, and clearly explains everything with lots of illustrations, to create an invaluable guide that you will return to again and again.

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What you will learn

Exposure and Understanding the Histogram ebook

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The basic principles of exposure in relation to digital cameras. This provides the foundation for the rest of the book.
  • What the histogram is and why it’s so important.
  • The difference between the luminance and colour histograms, and what each one tells you.
  • Why highlights clip so easily with digital cameras, and what you can do to prevent it.
  • Why incorrect exposure reduces the quality of your digital photos.
  • How noise and underexposure are related, and how to use techniques like exposing to the right to reduce noise.
  • The difference between JPEG and Raw files, and why your approach to exposure should be adjusted to suit the format you use.
  • What the exposure triangle is, and the creative considerations of ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
  • Why your camera has multiple metering modes, and which ones you should use.
  • How to use exposure compensation.
  • How to use manual mode.
  • How to use Bulb mode and how exposure works in long exposure photography.
  • How to calculate exposure when using neutral density filters.
  • How to calculate exposure in Live View.
  • How your camera calculates exposure when you use manual lens attachments.
  • How to cope when the brightness range of your subject exceeds what your camera’s sensor is capable of recording.


Note: Canon users will be better served with Understanding Exposure: Perfect Exposure on Your EOS Camera, as it is written specifically for your camera.

Exposure and Understanding the Histogram ebook

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Click here to buy Exposure and Understanding the Histogram from the Peachpit website. Peachpit accept payment by credit card or Paypal and you can download the ebook to read right away. It comes in three formats: PDF, ePub and Mobi for Kindle.

What others are saying

Here is some of the positive feedback from the listing of the first edition of this ebook on Amazon:


“I bought this for my Kindle and it, like my camera goes everywhere I do! The information is easy to digest, it is well written and the Histogram on my Canon DSLR is now something I fully understand!

This book is a must if you own a digital camera which has an Histogram, believe me when I say gone are the days when I thought I had taken the perfect shot only to find that once downloaded on my laptop, it was a big disappointment! Now, once the shot has been taken I refer back to the histogram and can read what information is given, confident that I won’t mess up important shots again!! ” – Gerry Benjamin


“Nice to have a very clear guide to histograms – even though I thought I knew all I needed to know about histograms, I learnt quite a bit from this book and I am applying it to my digital photography with some improved success. I would recommend this to all digital photographers and even film photographers can benefit from reading this excellent little book.” – David


“I’ve spent many hours trying to work out the mystery of the histogram and what’s right and wrong with what it displays. I should have just bought this book at the start.” – Westerly21


“The book is interestingly written and the author takes time and care to make sure that the reader has enough background to understand what he is writing. He covers a good deal of helpful information without descending into too much technical jargon and I came away knowing much more about digital camera histograms than I knew before I started.” – Mesa


“Being an old dog who came to photography in the 1980’s using film, I have struggled with digital images are just not as good as my old film/slide images. The author is the first person(and I’ve had lots of photo classes)who has explained why the transition from film to digital has been difficult. He explains histograms in easy to understand language and provides visual examples so you can see exactly what he’s talking about. This brief, well written book has truly been a “light bulb” moment for me. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with the concept of histograms and their importance in digital photography.” – B. Dare


“As a photographer for 25+ years, I read this simply out of curiosity to see how well it explained the principal of exposure and was quite pleasantly surprised by it. Exposure is not the easiest to comprehend by those new to photography let alone the easiest to explain…… this author does it beautifully in a manner that is direct and quite understandable…… he uses plain english and leads one through the process, step by step….. there is no way, in my opinion, that one could not understand how exposure works on their digital SLR, or an advanced all in one camera after reading this book….. If you are new to photography and wish to do understand exposure I highly recommend this book….. well done Mr. Gibson!” – Nancy Lemon




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