Each one of my eBooks is beautifully designed and thoughtfully written with the intention of helping you create better images and explore the wonderful craft of photography. They are also great value. Each eBook is available for immediate download as a PDF file optimised for viewing on your computer screen or an iPad.

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The Mastering Photography series

A series of ebooks to help you master the creative aspects of photography. They are aimed at intelligent and creative photographers who understand that light and composition are just as important as knowing which buttons to press on the camera.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Five – The Other Modules (new release)

Mastering Lightroom: Book Five – The Other Modules ebook cover

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your photos after you have processed them then this book contains the answers. It shows you how to use Lightroom’s powerful features to create fun and interesting projects using the Map, Book, Slide show, Print and Web modules. Whether it’s geotagging, putting together a photo book, printing your best photos or creating web galleries all the information (and inspiration) you require is right here.

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Mastering Lightroom: Book Four – The Photos

Mastering Lightroom: Book Four – The Photos ebook cover

Ten beautiful Case Studies that show you how to use some of Lightroom’s more advanced features to create powerful images. But just as importantly this ebook also explains why, exploring my thought processes from the time I took the photo (yes, composition and light are just as important as post-processing) through to the finished image. For me, the Raw file is merely a starting point, and open to multiple interpretations. Each Case Study is accompanied by alternative versions, to show you how there is more than one way of doing things in Lightroom. Along the way I look at using plug-ins and Develop Presets to extend Lightroom’s capabilities.

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Mastering Lightroom: Book Three – Black & White

Mastering Lightroom Book Three: Black & White ebook coverA complete guide to using Lightroom to create powerful and extraordinary black and white images. This ebook teaches you first to see in black in white, then how to convert your photos to monochrome using all of Lightroom’s advanced tools. It also takes an in-depth look at the Silver Efex Pro, Perfect Black & White, Exposure 5, DxO FilmPack 4 and Black & White Effects plug-ins, explaining how to use each one. It finishes with three case studies showing how I converted colour images to black and white in Lightroom.

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Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module

Mastering Lightroom Book Two cover

Discover how to use the tools in the Develop module to get the most out of your Raw files. It builds on the lessons learnt in Mastering Lightroom: Book One – The Library Module and shows you how to use Lightroom’s powerful features to creatively process your images. You’ll be amazed how easy Lightroom is to use once you’re familiar with it and just how much it speeds up your workflow compared to other applications.

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Mastering Lightroom: Book One – The Library Module

Mastering Lightroom Book Two coverLearn how to use the Library Module to import, organise and search your images. This important task lays the foundation for all the work you do in Lightroom. Mastering the Library module ultimately saves you time, which you can spend either in the Develop module or with your camera. Either way, you end up with a streamlined workflow and more hours to be creative.

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Mastering Photography

Mastering Photography ebookTo those of you new to photography, your digital camera is bound to seem complicated. There are so many controls and buttons. How do you know which ones to use? The truth is that you don’t have to know what every single function on your camera does in order to take great photos. You just need an understanding of the fundamentals, and an eye for a good picture. To help you learn I wrote Mastering Photography – the simple guide you’ve been looking for that teaches you how to use your digital camera.

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Square ebook coverDigital cameras have made the square format available to anybody who doesn’t mind cropping their images in post-processing. But using the square format isn’t just a matter of cropping – there’s more to it than that. The dynamic of the image changes completely and new principles of composition apply.

Square shows you how to use the square format on your camera, and how to make the most out of what I think of as the fine art photographer’s format. It’s illustrated throughout by my photos, and I’ve also interviewed the two film photographers, Matt Toynbee and Flavia Schaller, to explore their perspective on the square format.

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The Understanding EOS series

Five eBooks designed to help you get the most out of your EOS camera. Each eBook is fully up-to-date and written for every model in the EOS line-up. These are intelligent yet simple guides that explore the creative side of photography as well as the technical one.

Understanding EOS

Understanding EOS ebookAre you new to photography? Are you wondering what all the buttons and dials on your camera are for? Do you want to know how to use the potential of your EOS camera to take creative photos? Then Understanding EOS is for you. It teaches you how to use your EOS camera to take beautiful photos by exploring the settings that you need to know how to use to get started. You’ll learn what exposure modes, Picture Style and white balance do and how you can use them, plus the importance of composition, lighting and post-processing.

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Understanding Lenses: Part II

Understanding Lenses: Part II photography ebookUnderstanding Lenses: Part II continues where Part I left off. It shows you how to get the best out of your normal and telephoto lenses with subjects such as people, landscape, travel and close-up work. It also covers the Image Stabiliser, autofocus micro-adjustment, Canon extenders and the various types of Canon autofocus motors. This eBook explores the creative and practical aspects of some of Canon’s most exciting lenses.

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Understanding Lenses: Part I

Understanding Lenses: Part ILenses are the ‘eyes’ of your camera. Once you understand how lenses ‘see’ you can harness their creative potential to create eye-catching and dramatic images.

Understand Lenses: Part I teaches you how to get the best out of your kit and wide-angle lenses to photograph subjects such as people, architecture and the landscape. Part technical and buyers guide, it also explores the technologies behind Canon’s lens range, and tells you everything you need to know about buying new lenses – including why you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new lens to get good image quality.

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Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure ebook coverHave you ever wondered why it’s so easy to under- or overexpose your photos even with the latest EOS camera and most advanced evaluative metering modes? Or why your camera has so many exposure modes, and what each one does?

Understanding Exposure explains the principles of exposure so that you understand why your camera doesn’t always get the exposure right and when you, the photographer, has to step in and override the camera’s settings.

Your digital EOS camera has many advanced tools to help you get exposure spot on. This eBook shows you how to use them and gives you practical steps to take to cope with any lighting situation.

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Understanding DPP

Understanding DPP ebook coverHave you ever tried using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software but been discouraged by the lack of a good guide or an understanding of what the program can do? DPP is actually quite easy to use and has a lot of creative potential, once someone shows you how. Understanding DPP does exactly that.

DPP is much simpler to use than more advanced software like Adobe Lightroom. It’s ideal for photographers who are new to Raw processing or would just like to use a program that is designed specifically to work with their camera.

Understanding DPP is written for photographers who want to use the functions within DPP (such as white balance, Picture Style and contrast control) to make beautiful images. It shows you how to use DPP to bring the best out of your Raw files, but also why you should you use it and how it can help you become a more creative photographer.

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The Creative Image

The Creative Image ebook coverAre you struggling to find new subjects to photograph? We all have times when we are not feeling inspired, so I put together this short eBook to give you ten creative projects to help kick-start your photography. It will give your photography new life and improve your shooting skills at the same time.

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Use Lightroom Better

Use Lightroom Better ebook cover

Use Lightroom Better: Ten Tips for Making the Most of Lightroom is aimed at newcomers to Lightroom, and gives you some tips for making the most of the program. It serves as an introduction to the material presented in my Mastering Lightroom ebooks.

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My Peachpit Fuelbook

Exposure and Understanding the Histogram ebook coverExposure and Understanding the Histogram is written for anybody who wants to understand how exposure works on their digital camera. You’ll learn what the different exposure modes on your camera do, which ones to use and which you can ignore. It shows you how to read the histogram and explains how to cope with a wide variety of lighting situations. By the time you’ve read it you’ll understand how to take a correctly exposed photo using the tools provided by your camera.

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My Craft & Vision eBooks

Craft & Vision quite simply publishes some of the best photography eBooks around today. Its stable of authors are talented photographers and dedicated teachers and includes well-known names such as David duChemin, Michael Frye, Piet Van den Eynde and Martin Bailey. Craft & Vision is pushing the boundaries of photographic education – its eBooks are also fantastic value. Click on the links to go to the Craft & Vision website and learn more about each title.

You visit my author’s page at Craft & Vision here.

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The Natural Portrait

The Natural Portrait ebook coverThe Natural Portrait teaches you how to take beautiful portraits in natural light. It’s all about taking the simple approach to portrait photography. Avoid tying yourself down with complicated lighting setups and get back to basics with a camera and good portrait lens. This frees you to communicate with your model and build rapport, the most essential skill any portrait photographer could have. This comprehensive guide takes you by the hand through the entire portrait creation process, from finding models to posing to post-production. There are three case studies with portrait photographers Tori Mercedes, Alba Soler and Eduardo Izquierdo.

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Slow: The Magic of Long Exposure Photography by Andrew S GibsonSlow takes you through the creative possibilities of using slow shutter speeds, from blurring motion with a shutter speed of 1/30 second all the way to long exposure techniques using shutter speeds of five minutes or longer. It explores the creative side of the slow end of your shutter speed dial including slow-sync flash, panning, intentional camera movement and long exposure photography. Case studies with fine art photographers Doug Chinnery, who talks about intentional camera movement, and Joel Tjintjelaar, a master of long exposure photography, complete the work.

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Up Close

Up Close ebook coverIn Up Close, I explore the most commonly used techniques of close-up and macro photography. Close-up lenses, extension tubes, reverse lens macro and macro lenses are all included. The creative side is also covered, with an emphasis on strong composition, natural light and using limited depth-of-field to your advantage. Interviews with photographers Celine Steen and Mandy Disher will inspire you to try out close-up and macro photography for yourself.

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Beyond Thirds

Beyond Thirds ebook coverBeyond Thirds is all about moving beyond the rule-of-thirds, and getting to grips with the more advanced aspects of composition. I explore concepts like balance; some images work best when they are balanced, and other, more dynamic compositions, when they are unbalanced. And energy: images gain energy as the eye moves from one point to another, and you can use this by creating compositions with several focal points that pull the eye around the photo. Have you thought about aspect ratio, and how it affects composition? Or how learning to compose in black and white can improve the composition of your colour images too? You’ll find all that, and much more, in Beyond Thirds.

I’ve included some creative exercises in the eBook, and the whole book is designed so that you take each concept, one at a time, and go away and put them into practice on your next shoot.

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The Evocative Image

The Evocative Image ebook coverHow do you create images that capture the atmosphere or show the beauty of something that you perceived at a particular time and place?

To express mood and create an emotional response it’s essential to understand the relationship between light, colour and composition. The Evocative Image explores these key concepts, plus the tools to you need to evoke atmosphere in your images.

There are examples and creative exercises throughout to inspire and help you understand the concepts. You can put these ideas into practice no matter which gear you own.

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Andes ebook coverAndes features over 40 photos taken over several trips to the Andes – a region where you can find wonders such as the world’s highest city and deserts above the clouds; and the local people hold traditional fiestas and celebrations whose origins stretch back to the years before the Spanish conquest. Part monograph, part travelogue, it tells the story of my journeys to the Andes and my parallel journey through photography as I made my transition from film to digital, and took the first tentative steps towards a career as a writer.

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The Magic of Black & White: Part I – Vision

The Magic of Black & White Part I Craft ebook coverThe Magic of Black & White: Part I – Vision is written for anyone who would like to learn to work in monochrome. The first step is learning to see in black and white. The ebook is split into three sections: composition, lighting and subject. You’ll learn how to compose a black and white photo, how to work in different types of light and about subjects that work well in black and white.

This ebook will give you an understanding of what black and white photography is all about, and why it’s such a beautiful medium for creative self-expression.

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 The Magic of Black & White: Part II – Craft

The Magic of Black & White Part II Craft ebook coverIn The Magic of Black & White: Part II – Craft I explain how I process my black & white photos step by step using Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements. I guide you through the transformation process that starts with a colour photo and ends with a beautiful, toned black & white image.

This ebook is the sequel to The Magic of Black & White: Part I – Vision. Craft and vision go together – black and white photography becomes truly magical when the two meet, and you have the technical skills to bring your creative vision alive.

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The Magic of Black & White: Part III – Nine Photos

The Magic of Black & White Part III Nine Photos ebook coverThe Magic of Black & White: Part III – Nine Photos In this ebook I take you through nine black and white images with the intention of explaining the more advanced Photoshop techniques behind them.

To be anything more than a technical exercise Photoshop technique needs to be aligned with creative vision. The thoughts and emotions that drive our vision are just as important as the Photoshop techniques required to achieve them. This ebook helps you think about how you see the world and how you can set yourself a creative brief to express your vision.

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