These photography tutorials will help you learn how to use your camera and become a better photographer. These articles cover the creative and technical aspects of photography and post-processing, with a heavy emphasis on the creative side, the one most important and interesting to many photographers.

Inside Lightroom

Articles about the one of the most popular Raw conversion programs – Lightroom:

How to Retouch Portraits in Lightroom with Sleeklens Lightroom Develop Presets

How to Post Photos to Instagram from Lightroom

How to Use the Excessor Plug-in to Speed Up Your Lightroom Develop Preset Workflow

How to Use UltraBlack Develop Presets to Create Better Black & White Photos

How to Use the New Guided Upright Tool and Lens Correction Panel in Lightroom CC

How Speed Up Your Lightroom Workflow with Photo Mechanic

The Single Most Important Setting in the Lightroom Develop Module

How to Post Photos to Instagram from Lightroom

How to Use DxO Optics Pro with Lightroom

How to Analyse your Lightroom Catalog with Lightroom Dashboard

The Extraordinary Tale of the Lightroom Update that Went Wrong – and What it Means for You

How to Take Photos in Fog (and Process them in Lightroom)

Five Ways to Use Lightroom Mobile

The New Dehaze Slider in Lightroom CC (plus a workaround for Lightroom 6 users)

HDR Merge in Lightroom: First Thoughts

Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC Launched

Video Tutorial: Environmental Portrait in Lightroom

Video Tutorial: Black & White in Lightroom

A Short Guide to Using Smart Previews in Lightoom 5

Portrait Processing in Lightroom

How to Uncrop Square Format Images in Lightroom

How to Show the Focus Points in Lightroom

Converting Photos to Black & White with Tonality Pro

Lightroom Project #2: Create a Long-Term Project

Lightroom Project #1: Organise Your Photos

The Photographer’s Tools (Getting More out of Lightroom)

How to Create the Black & White Matte Look in Lightroom

Use Lightroom Better with the Amazing Alt/Option Key

How to Improve the Speed and Performance of Lightroom

Lightgram Presets for Creative Photographers

How to Prepare Photos for the Web in Lightroom

How to Use Radial Filters in Lightroom

Organising Photo Files For Lightroom

How to Use Graduated Filters in Lightroom

Imitating Instagram Filters in Lightroom

Lightroom or Photoshop?

File Renaming in Lightroom: Part One

File Renaming in Lightroom: Part Two

DNG vs. CR2

Create Your Own Photography Website with Koken

What’s New in Lightroom 5

Using Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Lightroom 4 Portraits

The Mastering Lightroom Collection

Mastering Lightroom ebook collection

These five ebooks will help you learn more about using Lightroom. Collectively they cover every aspect of Lightroom, and evey module. Learn more about the Mastering Lightroom ebook collection here.

Other software

Articles marked with an asterix (*) are about programs that also function as Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins:

How Speed Up Your Lightroom Workflow with Photo Mechanic

How to Save Time When Importing Photos Into Lightroom

How to Use DxO Optics Pro with Lightroom

Perfect Inspiration (video tutorial) *

Silver Efex Pro 2 vs. Tonality Pro

Creating Art with Topaz Labs Clean *

An Introduction to Alien Skin’s Exposure 5: Part One – Black & White *

An Introduction to Alien Skin’s Exposure 5: Part Two – Colour *

DxO Film Pack 4 *

Mimicking Film with Digital – and DxO FilmPack 3 for Free *

An Introduction to Silver Efex Pro 2 *

Editing Portraits in Perfect Effects 4 Free

Alternatives to Photoshop CS/CC

Introduction to Pixelmator: Part I

Introduction to Pixelmator: Part II

Creativity & Photography

Articles about the creative life.

How Finding a Rich Environment Improves Your Street Photography

Why the Greatest Photographers Pursue Projects

The One Skill You Need to Succeed at Travel & Street Photography

The Gap Between Making and Processing Photos

Six Principles of Time Management for Photographers

Recent Work

Photos from some of my favourite shoots.

The Muslim Quarter, Xi’an

Street Food in Xi’an

Long Exposure Photography in China

Wedding Photography in China

Playing Cards at the Temple of Heaven

Jingshan Park, Beijing

Postcard from China: Xintiandi

Recent Work – Chris Meek

Behind the Photo – Painting with Light

Portraits with Ashley

Photography Techniques

How to Build A Photography Website

12 Reasons Every Photographer Needs a Website or Blog

Why I Converted my X-Pro 1 Camera to Infrared

How I Backed Up My Photos in China

What I’m Taking to China

Managing and Backing Up Photos on the Road

Deconstructing Photos

Behind the Photo – Mokoroa Falls

The Photographer’s Mindset

Instagram and Snapseed

Painting with Light: How to Add Interest to Landscapes

Behind the Photo: Telephoto Sunset



How to Use Foreground Interest to Make Your Landscape Photos More Interesting

Composition Tips from Pro Photographer Bob Holmes

Debunking the Rule of Thirds

Using Colour to Create Mood

Creating Moody Images

Composition: Filling the Frame

The Three S’s of Composition

Ignoring the Rule-of-Thirds

Portrait Photography

What is a Candid Portrait?

How to Shoot a Model Test

Comparing Portrait Lenses

Portraits in Low Light

The Filmic Look

Editing Portraits in Perfect Effects 4 Free

Using Natural Light for Portraits

Behind the Photo – Portrait Lenses

Behind the Photo – Natural Light Portraits

A Simple Exercise to Improve your Portrait Photography

Adding Light: Mixing Flash with Daylight

Portraits at Red Rocks

More 40mm Portraits

40mm Portraits

Black and White Photography

What I Learned About Landscape Photography in Northern Spain

How to Find an Interesting Subject for Black & White Landscape Photography

How to Compose Black & White Landscapes

The Power of the Black & White Landscape

Colour or Black and White?

My Ten Favourite Photos from 2015

Learning to See in Black & White

The Key to Successful Black & White Photography

Seeing in Black & White

50 Beautiful Black & White Photos

The Art of Black & White Film Photography

Inspirational Black & White Photos

Photoshop CS Tutorial: How to Split Tone a Photo in 30 Seconds or Less


Should You Use a Prime Lens or a Zoom for Street Photography?

How to Use a Wide-angle Lens for Street and Travel Photography

Why Your Photography Will Improve if You Use Just Two Lenses

Lenses I Have Owned

What I Did With My Helios Lens in China

Going Wide in Galicia

The Lenses I Used in China

How to Protect Your Camera Gear and Register it With Lenstag

Lenses I Own

Up Close with Canon’s 40mm Pancake Lens


Using EOS cameras

These tutorials are for EOS camera owners.

Five New Canon EOS Cameras

New Technology in the EOS 7D Mark II

New Canon EOS Camera and Macro Ring Lite Flash (EOS 1200D/Rebel T5)

How to Choose Your Next EOS Camera (early 2015)

Canon Speedlite Buyer’s Guide

New Canon EOS cameras (EOS 700D/Rebel T5i & EOS 100D/Rebel SL1)

Exploring the Potential of Canon Picture Styles

Using Bulb for Long Exposure Photography

Using Manual Mode

Inside the EOS 5D Mark III

EOS 60D Creative Filters

Understanding EOS autofocus

Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 70D

Understanding EOS Autofocus: Phase Detection Autofocus

Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 1D Mark IV

Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 1D-X

Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 7D

Understanding EOS Autofocus: Focusing at Wide Apertures

Understanding EOS Autofocus: Centre AF Points


Lightroom 4 vs. DPP: High ISO Noise Reduction

Comparing DPP with Lightroom 4

DPP’s Digital Lens Optimiser

The Understanding EOS Collection

Understanding EOS ebook collection

I have written five ebooks to help you make the most out of your Canon EOS camera. Click here to see the Understanding EOS collection.

Fujifilm X series cameras

A series of articles about my new cameras, the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and X-T1.

Why I Switched from Canon to Fujifilm

Do Electronic Viewfinders Belong in Digital SLRs?

Thoughts on Taking Portraits with the Fujifilm X-T1 Camera

Fleur’s Place

Long Exposure Photography with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1







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