My Top Ten Photos for 2014

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Top ten black and white photos 2014

January is a natural time for thinking about what you’ve achieved in the year that’s just passed. In relation to photography, I like to spend a little time going over my best photos taken during the previous 12 months and selecting my favourite ten. Then, once chosen, I compare them to my favourite photos taken in previous years. The idea is to see what themes and ideas emerge, and to get an idea of where my photography is going.

Several themes have come from this year’s analysis. One is that I really like black and white photography. I feel my best images and most powerful portraits were all taken in monochrome. Having said that, there are quite a few colour photos that I like as well. That’s almost another theme – a vacillation between monochrome and colour, alternatively preferring to work in one then the other, that I can never quite resolve. I have quite a few colour images that I’m fond of, but they didn’t make the cut as I decided to restrict it to black and white photos.

As in the previous year the predominant subject in 2014 is portraits. There’s been a slight shift in style towards a more cinematic approach on one hand (when it comes to making portraits that capture beauty) and a more documentary approach on the other (with portraits that capture character).

The four non-portrait photos in the selection were all taken with my Fujifilm X-Pro 1, perhaps illustrating what a versatile camera this is for all different types of photography. The portraits were all taken with my EOS 5D Mark II.

As in the year before, I’m still shooting predominantly in low light and exclusively with natural light.

Here are my top ten photos for 2014. Links to my previous top tens are below.

2014 top ten photos

Top ten black and white photos 2014

Most of my models are women so last year I made more effort to take portraits of men. Portraits of men are much easier to process, especially in black and white, as there is no pressure to touch up imperfect skin.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

This portrait of Stacey contains everything I like about black and white portraits – a beautiful model, dark mysterious background, simple composition and enigmatic expression. You will see some of these elements in the other portraits.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

I really enjoyed this shoot with model Lera. She has two horses and we took them to the beach and took her photo with them. A lot of fun and her love for her horses came through in the portraits.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

One of my themes last year was creating portraits of people with dreadlocks. This is my favourite.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

Regular readers will recognise Wimmy. We took a series of portraits, each with a different expression. This is my favourite.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

This portrait was an experiment in creating a cinematic look – almost as if it were a still from a movie. This is a theme I intend to explore further.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

One of the first photos that I took with my Fujifilm X-Pro 1. It was nearly dark when I took this photo, the light reflected in the car’s paintwork is from a streetlamp. I retained the colour of the reflection and converted the rest of the photo to black and white.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

The Church of the Good Shepherd at night, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. The Church is a local landmark and people come to see the views and the stars at night.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. This tree is often referred to as the most photographed tree in New Zealand. It was raining when I took this photo, fading out the mountains in the background and simplifying the composition. I used a long shutter speed to blur the water.

Top ten black and white photos 2014

A detail from Fleur’s Place, a restaurant in Moeraki, New Zealand. The textures, shapes and quality of light caught my eye here.


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  1. Nobsta says:

    Very good selection, hope to see a lot more in 2015! All the best for you in that new year …

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