Lightroom 6 & Lightroom CC Launched

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Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC new features

Yesterday was a big day for Lightroom users as Adobe announced the launch of the latest version of Lightroom. There are some headline features, the biggest of these probably being the ability to create HDR images and panoramas in Lightroom. Face recognition will also be welcomed by many photographers. Plus there are lots of smaller updates to make the software run faster, improve your workflow and give you some additional options in the Develop module.

A new naming system

Lightroom has been split into two versions: Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6.

Lightroom CC is what you get when you subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan, along with Photoshop CC, Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web.

Lightroom 6 is what you get when you buy or upgrade the perpetual license. It’s exactly the same as Lightroom CC except that you don’t have access to Lightroom mobile or Lightroom web. It is also possible that Lightroom 6 won’t be updated as frequently as Lightroom CC.

The main new features

Photo merge for HDR & panorama. You can select multiple photos and merge them either into panoramas or HDR photos without crossing over to Photoshop or a plug-in.

Face recognition. Lightroom searches your photos for faces, and enables you to label faces that it recognises. Names are stored as keywords.

Faster performance. Lightroom uses GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration for faster image processing.

Import to a Collection. Now you can import photos directly to a new or existing Collection, speeding up the import process.

Auto previews. Lightroom calculates the preview size needed for your monitor. This also speeds up the import process.

Converting to DNG. This now happens in the background, after your Raw files have been imported into Lightroom. This lets you preview or work on your photos right away.

Activity Centre. This new feature tracks background processes such as syncing to Lightroom mobile and lets you pause them if they are slowing your computer down.

Gradient and Radial Filter improvements. Now you can display the red Mask Overlay when using the Gradient and Radial Filters. You can also use the Adjustment Brush to add to or subtract from the area selected by the filters.

Automatic lens corrections. Lightroom now tells you if it is applying lens corrections embedded in the photo file by the camera. This helps end any confusion created by lack of indication that this had happened in earlier versions of Lightroom.

Slideshow module improvements. You can now add panning and zooming (known as the Ken Burns Effect) to your slide shows. Music handling is improved, allowing you to add up to ten soundtracks.

Web module improvements. The Web module contains three new HTML 5 galleries which work well with mobile browsers as well as desktop ones. Flash based galleries are gone.

New cameras and lenses

A number of new cameras and lenses have been added. The full list is at the bottom of this announcement on the Adobe Lightroom blog.

64 bit only

You need a 64 bit operating system to use Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC. Click the link above and scroll to the bottom to see minimum system requirements for Mac and Windows.

Updating Lightroom

The easiest way to update is to open your current version of Lightroom. A window should pop up telling you an update is available (if not, go to Help > Check for Updates). Click the download button to open the Adobe website in your default browser. If you’re looking for Lightroom 6 (perpetual license) it’s at the bottom right of this screen.

Make sure you backup your Catalog before the upgrade, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the installation.

Lightroom 6 Up to Speed

Lightroom 6 Up to SpeedI’m going to update my Mastering Lightroom ebooks over the coming months, in the meantime if you’d like to learn about the improvements to Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC in more detail then I recommend Lightroom 6 Up To Speed by Piet Van den Eynde.

And keep an eye out on my blog for new articles about the Lightroom 6!






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