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Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 70D

EOS 70D autofocus

The new EOS 70D is an exciting camera in many ways. But for me, one of the more interesting features is the autofocus. That’s because every APS-C EOS camera so far (except the 7D and some of the earlier models) uses a nine point autofocus array. Up until the EOS 70D, if you wanted more autofocus points you had to buy either an EOS 7D, a 5D Mark III or a 1 Series camera (none of which is particularly inexpensive).

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Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 1D Mk IV

EOS 1D Mark IV autofocus array

Up until the release of the EOS 1D-X the EOS 1D Mark IV was Canon’s most advanced professional camera. Photographers who bought one will use it happily for many years to come. Some readers may also be tempted to buy one on the second hand market, as a relatively economical way of purchasing a 1 Series camera.

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Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 1D-X

EOS 5D Mark III AF points

If you look around online about the EOS 5D Mark II* you will inevitably come across negative comments about its autofocus performance. Is that justified? Well, partially (in my opinion). I see no good reason why the EOS 5D Mark II has only one cross-type AF point when the EOS 40D (released earlier) and EOS 50D (released at the same time) have nine cross-type AF points.

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Understanding EOS Autofocus: The EOS 7D

EOS 7D autofocus

This is the third in a series of articles about the Canon EOS autofocus system.

The EOS 7D is a revolutionary camera. Before its release the only way you could purchase an EOS camera containing Canon’s most advanced autofocus system was to buy a One Series camera. These are expensive cameras built for professional photographers. Naturally, not many enthusiasts own one, and had to ‘make do’ with the autofocus arrays found on all other models.

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