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Photographer Interview: Spencer Clubb

New Zealand landscape photo by Spencer Clubb

Spencer Clubb is a New Zealand based photographer. Originally from the UK, he lives in Wellington and travels around New Zealand to photograph its mountains, landscapes and wildlife.

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Photographer Interview: Andrew Mulvey

Black & white photo by Andrew Mulvey

Andrew Mulvey is an Australian photographer who works predominantly in black and white. He’s a practitioner of the relatively new field of long exposure photography, and also likes to work in the square format. He has some beautiful work, and I’m sure you’ll love his photos. He gives some interesting insights into his creative process and his approach to composition in the interview which I know you’ll enjoy.

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The Fine Art Photography of Alex Schaefer

Fine art photography by Alex Schaefer


Alex Schaefer is a photographer based in New York City. He divides his time between working as a camera assistant on feature length and short films, and photography. You’ll notice several themes running through his fine art work – use of natural light; highly stylised imagery using dark backgrounds; self-portraiture and a lot of Photoshop manipulation. The result is a series of beautiful, thought-provoking images.

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320 Icelanders

320 Icelanders by fine art photographer Varvara Lozenko

I’ve talked on this blog before about both projects and portraits – coming up with an interesting portrait based project is a great way to both get motivated and improve your portrait taking skills.

Fine art photographer Varvara Lozenko has undertaken an ambitious portrait project – 320 Icelanders. Still in progress, the aim of the project is to take portraits of 320 Icelandic people, representing different aspects of life in the country. The country has a population of 320,000, so each portrait represents a thousandth of the island’s population. It’s a beautiful idea and an inspiring story. I wanted to find out more, and invited her for an interview.

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An Interview with Portrait Photographer Natalie Fong

Natalie Fong portait photographer interview

Natalie Fong is a young photographer based in New York City. I first saw her work on Emily Soto’s blog, where her behind the scenes photos (taken while assisting a shoot) caught my eye for their beauty, atmosphere and use of natural light.

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Shadow and Light: An Interview with Portrait Photographer Betina La Plante

Black and white portrait by Betina La Plante

Following on from my interview with Eduardo Izq, I’d like to introduce you to another portrait photographer who works almost exclusively in monochrome. Betina la Plante’s black and white portraits are beautifully lit and composed, as anyone with an eye for photography could tell you. But there’s something deeper going on in her work, driven (I suspect) by the interesting life she’s led and the people she has met along the way. This is character driven photography at its best, the personality of her sitters captured in their expressions and the emotions conveyed by their eyes.

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Ballerinas by Eduardo

  Ballerina portraits by Eduardo Izq

Some of you will already be familiar with the portrait photography of Eduardo Izq. His style is very natural: he uses natural light, and portrays his models without make-up and often without fashionable clothing. It’s the opposite of taking portraits of people to make them look pretty the conventional way, with make-up and styling. But it works, and on a much deeper level, as he captures both beauty and character in his portraits.

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Amongst the Shadows: An Interview with Portrait Photographer Alex Benetel

Portrait by Alex Benetel

Alex Benetel is an Australian photographer whose work is maybe not quite what you would expect from someone who lives in a country known for its hot and sunny climate. Her portraits are dark and edgy, and utilise the mood found in low light and shadows rather than the bright sun. Perhaps it’s a good example of how a photographer finding a way to utilise the environment to express her personal vision, rather than taking the obvious approach. Here’s the interview:

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Light and Landscape: The Portrait Photography of Sarah Ann Wright

Portrait photography by Sarah Ann Wright

Sarah Ann Wright is a photographer from London in the UK. Like the other photographers I have interviewed recently, she includes the landscape in many of her portraits. The interesting thing about her work is the geographic spread, there are portraits taken in England, Iceland and the south of Spain in her portfolio. The light and landscape (not to mention the climate) are different in each location and that has influenced her style. Here’s the interview:

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Winter in Italy: An Interview with Portrait Photographer Anna Karnutsch

Portrait by Anna Karnutsch

When photographers take portraits outside it is interesting when the seasons themselves become part of the images. Some parts of the world, such as the North Island in New Zealand (where I live) don’t see much seasonal variation. But in others there’s a stark difference between the four seasons, and it’s something you can utilise as a portrait photographer to give your images a sense of time and place.

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