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The Photographer's Workflow

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Ebook: The Photographer’s Workflow

Author: Gavin Gough

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Photo management

One of the most problematic aspects of digital photography is the practical side of storing, backing up and processing your Raw files.

I’ve been using a digital camera since 2005 and have over 55,000 Raw files stored on my hard drive. Organising, searching, backing-up and previewing those Raw files is as important to me as post-processing.

The process has been greatly simplified with the development of Lightroom. Lightroom has been made with the entire photographic workflow in mind, a benefit that software like Photoshop CS/CC or Photoshop Elements doesn’t have.

You can use Lightroom to:

  • Import Raw files from your camera’s memory card to your computer.
  • Backup your photo files.
  • Organise, keyword, tag and search files.
  • View and compare images.
  • Process Raw files.
  • Export image files.

That’s just a brief summary, but it’s clear that Lightroom is a versatile program whose capabilities extend beyond that of image-editing software.

Lightroom has only been around for a few years. That means many photographers, myself included, are still feeling their way with the software. Figuring out the best way to handle and backup your image files takes time. Getting it wrong is costly if you lose images because you didn’t have an adequate backup plan in place.

The Photographer's Workflow


The Photographer’s Workflow

That’s why when late last year Gavin Gough announced that he had written an ebook covering the entire photographic workflow I was curious to see what he had produced. I liked it so much that I recommended it to my readers. Now, seven months on, I’ve just reread it. That reminded me just how good a resource it is, so I asked Gavin if he could give my readers a discount. Being the kind man that he is he said yes.

Gavin has been a professional photographer for some years now, and he has a background in IT. He’s also a good writer. He’s brought all these skills together in The Photographer’s Workflow. The result is an outstanding guide for anybody searching for the simplest way to store and process photo files.

These are the most important topics covered:

  • Data backup. Gavin’s background as a Systems Analyst comes in handy here as he shows you how to analyse the risks to your data. He gives you some straightforward techniques for dealing with backups.
  • Colour management. Essential for accurate colour reproduction.
  • Configuring Lightroom. There is lots of good advice about calibrating the software to suit your own purposes, and using flags, ratings and labels.
  • Metadata and keywords. Vital to get to grips with if you submit your images to photo libraries.
  • Working in the field. Hints, tips and tricks for ensuring your photographic trips run smoothly. All based on Gavin’s years of experience on assignment.
  • The merits of Raw files and the DNG formats (and why Gavin always uses DNG).
  • Using Lightroom presets and Smart Collections to process and organise your Raw files.
  • How to process your images in Lightroom’s Develop module. This section is quite detailed.

Who is it for?

The Photographer’s Workflow is for photographers who want to use Lightroom as the heart of a simple but effective way of handling and processing their Raw files. Unlike most books, which concentrate on using Lightroom for processing images, Gavin takes you through the entire photographic workflow from the time you take your photos through to developing and exporting your images.

The Photographer's Workflow


More than an ebook

The Photographer’s Workflow is more than an ebook. It comes bundles with some extra resources that will help you put the ideas explored in the book into action. They include:

  • 65 Lightroom 4 Development Presets to help give your processing a more consistent linear structure. These will help you use the principles outlined in the ebook.
  • A series of Lightroom Smart Collections which build a step-by-step workflow for managing digital photographs.
  • Links to a series of free, online video tutorials. The password is included with the download.

Here is a taste of what you get:

The Photographers Workflow by Gavin Gough

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