I’ve interviewed a number of photographers over the years, and listed them by name on this page so the interviews don’t get lost within the depths of the website. There really is a lot of expertise and inspiration within these pages, so I encourage you to browse through the interviews and go take a look at the websites and blogs of your favourite photographers. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot.

Interviews with photographers

The Perfect Shutter: An Interview with Craft & Vision Author Duncan Fawkes

Photographer Interview: Spencer Clubb

Photographer Interview: Andrew Mulvey

The Fine Art Photography of Alex Schaefer

320 Icelanders (Varvara Lozenko)

Natalie Fong

Betina la Plante

Eduardo Izq

Alex Benetel

Sarah Ann Wright

Anna Karnutsch

Alessio Albi

Cristina Hoch

Oded Wagenstein

Sean McCormack

Tori Mercedes

Mandy Disher

Celine Steen

Al Smith

Miss Aniela

Patrick Wack

Alexandre Buisse

Martin Bailey

Red Ognita

Terri Gold

Piet Van den Eynde

Chris Kovacs (Adore Noir magazine)

Bryan Lowe & Jocelen Janon

Nicole S. Young

Nina Marie

Olivia Bell

Eli Reinholdsten

Si Barber

Stuart Sipahigil

Ling Li

Michael Ticcino

Marius Rustad

Brigitte Carnochan

Jamie Marshall

German Peraire

Jessica Hilltout

Eleanor Hardwick

Mitchell Kanashkevich

Steve Davey

Xavi Fuentes

Mark Edward Harris

David duChemin

Andy Biggs

Elizabeth Cecil


Charlie Mahoney

Chris Coe

Cat Vinton

Nicky Jenner

Mark Sunderland

Peter Adams

Michael Freeman

Jordan Banks

Richard Wainwright

Harry Kikstra

Carmen Gonzalez

Sol Lang

Adam Blenford

Gavin Gough

Brian Auer

Timothy Allen

Mike Rinnan

Hannah Summers

Dan Bannister

John Cleare

Michael Longfellow

Mark Gray

Eyal Nahmias

Marco Vernaschi

Jason Wickens

Linda Plaisted

Nicole Mabry

Long exposure photography interviews

This is a series of interviews I carried out after I wrote my ebook Slow. Many of these photographers work in black and white, all of them have a substantial body of work created using slow shutter speeds.

Thomas Leong

Didier Demaret

Spencer Brown

Hengki Koentjoro

Brian Day

Cole Thompson

Julia-Anna Gospodarou

Grant Murray

Keith Aggett

Moises Levy

Paul Wheeler

Luca Cesari

Steve Landeros

Darren Moore

Nathan Wirth

Maria Stromvik

Will Le

Andy Brown (Interview 2)

Andy Brown (Interview 1)

David Frutos

Karen Atkinson

Gary Newman

Rohan Reilly

Gavin Dunbar

Jeff Vyse

Stephanie Loges

Arnaud Bertrande

Michael Diblicek

Nate Parker

Håkan Strand

Vassilis Tangoulis

Giles McGarry

Martin Mattocks

Doug Chinnery

Chris Friel

Russ Barnes



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